Whats New for 2024

2024 Benefit Changes

Our goal is to provide Texas Health employees with great benefits that meet the needs of you and your family, as well as have an attractive benefits package to help us entice and retain the best talent to work alongside you, all the while being good stewards of our resources. As you continue to live Our Texas Health Promise each day caring for the communities we are so privileged to serve, our hope is you will find benefits, perks and resources at Texas Health that help you and your co-workers do your life’s best work together. 


The list below is a high-level summary of changes to expect for 2024. All changes will be effective Jan. 1, 2024 unless otherwise noted. 


  • All medical plan options will cover one colonoscopy at 100% per year, regardless of coding, for either preventive or diagnostic purposes.
  • A new program called Specialist Management Solutions will be available to UnitedHealthcare plan participants.
  • Medical premiums will increase slightly for most salary brackets.
  • A new prescription drug program called PrudentRx will be added to help with the costs of specialty medications. Eligible members will receive communications from the PrudentRx program regarding enrollment. Eligible specialty medications will have a $0 copay under the Quantum Care 750 and UHC Choice 1000 plan options. The UHC Choice 2500 plan option will have a $0 copay after the deductible has been met. If you opt out of the program, a 30% coinsurance will apply. If your specialty medication is not covered under the PrudentRx program, standard plan costs will apply. For a list of specialty medications covered by PrudentRX, click here

Health Savings Account1

The annual contribution limit will increase to $4,150 for individuals and $8,300 for families.

Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts

The annual contribution limit will increase to $3,050.


Dental premiums will increase slightly, and the following changes will apply on all dental plan options unless otherwise noted:

  • All diagnostic and preventive services will no longer be applied to the maximum annual benefit, allowing your dollars to go further for dental care
  • Specialty consultations will be added to Preventive Care with no frequency limit
  • Fluoride treatments will increase to twice per calendar year, up to age 19
  • Sealants will now be available up to age 19 and can be done once every three calendar years to unrestored bicuspids and molars
  • Periodontal maintenance will now be part of Preventive Care
  • Composite fillings will now be allowed on posterior teeth with no alternate benefit
  • Implants will now be covered under Major Care on the Low plan
  • Full mouth debridement will now be covered under Preventive Care
  • Oral surgery for soft tissue extractions will be covered under Major Care and will follow impacted extractions
  • Two cone beam CTs per calendar year will now be covered under Preventive Care
  • Endodontics will continue to be covered under Major Care: one per tooth plus one retreatment per lifetime will be covered, but retreatment will not be covered within 180 days of initial root canal therapy
  • Two intra oral X-rays will now be covered under Preventive care

Time Away from Work

  • My Flex Day: In addition to the Paid Time Off (PTO) program, a new option will be available in 2024 for benefits-eligible employees2 to take one paid regularly scheduled workday away from work once per calendar year without using their PTO bank. My Flex Day does not roll over year-to-year if not used.
  • Effective Oct. 8, 2023, non-exempt benefits-eligible employees have the option to use PTO when hours are short. To receive full pay and PTO accrual each week, employees need to enter PTO requests for any missed time because timekeepers will no longer enter PTO to bring up the hours to standard hours/FTE.
  • Employees in the Director and Above PTO program will no longer accrue PTO in 2024 and current PTO hours will be paid out. Directors will no longer be eligible for the Short Term Disability and the PTO Conversion benefits.
  • Clinic practice staff will be able to carry over 120 hours each July, increased from the current limit of 80 hours

Be Healthy Wellness Program 

  • Free membership to the Headspace app was expanded to non-benefits-eligible employees beginning Sept. 1, 2023.
  • Employees enrolled in medical coverage will have new ways to earn rewards next year to encourage healthy activities that support total well-being: body, mind, and spirit. The maximum reward remains the same for 2024: $300 maximum for employees and $175 maximum for spouses

Adoption Assistance

The Adoption Assistance program will offer up to $10,000 in reimbursement, up from the current limit of $2,000.

457(b) Plan

A 457(b) plan will be available to eligible THPG physicians in 2024. 

Long-Term Disability

Additional Long-Term Disability rates will decrease slightly.

1 To elect a Health Savings Account, a High Deductible Health Plan must be elected.
2 Executives, directors, medical residents/interns/fellows, and THPG providers are not eligible for My Flex Day.