MetLife Hospital Indemnity Insurance

MetLife Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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When you have an unexpected medical need, costs can add up quickly. Most Americans are financially unprepared for a medical emergency. Hospital indemnity insurance through MetLife helps you cover your out-of-pocket expenses (like deductibles and coinsurance) when you are admitted to the hospital.

Coverage Details

Two individual hospital indemnity policies are available for you to purchase: the Low Option and the High Option. The High Option offers a higher benefit in exchange for a higher per-paycheck cost.

Coverage Level Amount You Receive
Low Option High Option
Hospital Admission (per confinement)



Hospital Confinement (per day)



Hospital Intensive Care (per day)



You may purchase coverage for yourself and your eligible dependents through payroll deductions. Your rates will depend on which option you select and who you cover. This is not a Texas Health sponsored or maintained plan. View the rates for this benefit here.

Who Is Eligible

All benefits-eligible employees are eligible to enroll. Employees must be actively at work on the date of application and the effective date of coverage. A spouse must not be hospitalized or unable to perform his or her normal duties or activities on that date of application and the effective date of coverage.

How It Works


Pre-existing Condition Limitation

(Only Applicable to Sickness – Hospital Benefits)

MetLife will not pay any benefits under the Sickness – Hospital Benefits section of the Certificate for Sickness caused by or resulting from you or your dependent’s Pre-existing Condition if the Sickness occurs during the first 12 months that you have coverage. A Pre-existing Condition means a Sickness for which (in the 12 months before a you or your dependent becomes insured through MetLife) medical advice, treatment or care, was sought or was recommended by, prescribed by, or received from a physician. Please see your policy for more information.

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