MetLife Critical Illness Insurance

MetLife Critical Illness Insurance

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Unexpected costs from a critical illness can add both financial and emotional stress. To help provide extra financial protection, an individual critical illness insurance policy is available for you to purchase through MetLife. With this coverage, you receive a lump-sum benefit paid to you if you or a covered family member is diagnosed with a covered illness.

Coverage Details

Decide on the level of coverage you want: $15,000 or $30,000. See benefit paid for each covered illness below. The Critical Illness Overview provides a brief summary of how this policy pays. View the rates for this benefit here.

Covered Illness Benefit Paid
Cancer (Internal or Invasive)*


Heart Attack


Major Organ Transplant


Kidney Failure (End-stage) 100%
Stroke 100%
Occupational HIV 100%
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft* 100%
Carcinoma in Situ* 25%
COVID-19** 10%

*In the event of a secondary diagnosis for internal cancer, payment of the partial benefit for carcinoma in situ will reduce the benefit for internal cancer by 25%. In the event of a secondary diagnosis of heart attack, payment of the partial benefit for coronary artery bypass surgery will reduce the benefit for a heart attack by 25%.
**the covered person must have been treated for the disease in a hospital for five consecutive days

When you purchase coverage, you can elect coverage for your spouse and children as well. Coverage for children is equal to 50% of your coverage. You can also cover your spouse. Your cost, collected through payroll deductions, is determined by your age, who you cover, and amount of coverage. This is not a Texas Health sponsored or maintained plan.


All benefits-eligible employees are eligible to enroll. Employees must be actively at work on the date of application and the effective date of coverage. A spouse must not be hospitalized or unable to perform his or her normal duties or activities on that date of application and the effective date of coverage.

How It Works

Health Screening Benefit

You’re likely already getting one of a health screening annually, so why not receive a benefit for doing so?
With MetLife’s Health Screening Benefit, available with Metlife’s critical illness insurance, you’ll receive $50 each calendar year you take one of the covered screenings or tests. Find out more here

Pre-Existing Conditions

Benefits are not paid for any critical illness resulting from or affected by a pre-existing condition if the critical illness was diagnosed within the 12-month period after your effective date. A pre-existing condition is a sickness or physical condition that existed within the 12-month period before your effective date.

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