Step Up Your Savings

Step Up Your Savings

Should you consider increasing your contribution to the 401(k)? See what saving just an additional 1% or 2% per paycheck can do for you and check out what’s coming soon to your Fidelity statements.

Check out the 401(k) Contribution Estimator. By entering a few pieces of information (such as salary, age, years of service, and how much you want to put in), you can quickly see what your new per paycheck deduction would be in AND what your match from Texas Health would be.


To change your contribution, logon to or call 1-877-MyTHRLink (1-877-698-4754) and select prompt 5.


Fidelity will be adding a Lifetime Income Illustration to your account statement. This will be an estimate of what your account balance could provide in monthly income after you retire and is intended to help you plan for retirement. Fidelity anticipates this to be adding beginning late March.

Remember, you can meet anytime with a Fidelity Retirement Planner at no charge. Find out more here.