September 2016: Congratulations, Texas Health Resources is a Blue Zones Approved Worksite!

blue zone groupCongratulations, Texas Health Resources is a Blue Zones ApprovedTM Worksite!

Texas Health Resources has always been committed to your health. Through our award winning Be Healthy program, we offer a variety of avenues for you to improve your well-being. Becoming a Blue Zones Approved Worksite TM is one more commitment THR and the Be Healthy program has made to you!

As a part of earning Blue Zones Worksite Approval, Texas Health’s award-winning Be Healthy wellness program has created even more sustainable well-being tools for our work environment by adding:

  • Blue Zones Parking Spaces: These are painted at each wholly owned location, and are meant to encourage you to move naturally and walk a few extra steps each day by parking in these spots.
  • Purpose Workshops: Waking up with a purpose can add an extra seven years to your life. Purpose workshops were held at many locations throughout the beginning of the year to help you identify your life purpose, and more will be scheduled in the future. Be sure to check the Blue Zones page for an updated schedule.
  • Micro-breaks: You are encouraged to take small breaks throughout the day to stretch and move. A micro-break flyer is posted on
  • Reporting Aggregate Well-Being Data:Be Healthy Basics: How Do You Measure Up?” View the data reported here.

Together we can improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve – starting with ourselves. The way we care about our employees and each other is one of the many reasons Texas Health is such a great place to work.

If you were one of the 6,400 employees who have taken the Blue Zones Personal Pledge, thank you! You helped us reach our goal. If you haven’t yet taken the pledge, do so today and start implementing the Power9 habits into your daily life!