Speak Up

Speak Up for Safety

  • Do you see a safety hazard?
  • Do you see someone doing something that might get themselves or someone else injured?
  • Can you think of a safer way to do a process?

Speak Up!

In a High Reliability Organization, we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe in everything we do. If you see a safety hazard, an unsafe act, or have an idea of how something can be done more safely, speak to the individual or to your manager immediately.

If you feel uncomfortable with a situation that you think might be unsafe, use your communication tools:

C – Concern: “I have a concern.”

U – Uncomfortable: “This is making me uncomfortable.”

S – Safety hazard: “This is a safety issue.”

In a culture of safety, reporting concerns and safety hazards is encouraged. Other resources that can be helpful for safety concerns and ideas include:

  • Fellow employees
  • Supervisors, Managers, and Directors
  • House Supervisor
  • Employee Health
  • Human Resources
  • Safety Officer