Safe Patient Handling Equipment/Devices Resources

Safe Patient Handling Equipment/Devices Resources

The Employee Health Safe Lift team has identified a set of best practices developed by the Veterans Health Administration(VHA) that have been proven to help Healthcare providers prevent injuries associated with patient handling.  Please review and use the VHA Safe Patient Handling algorithms as a tool to prevent injuries and ensure safe patient handling. Additionally, THR Supply Chain and Employee Health have approved an algorithm to provide general guidelines for lateral transfers. This algorithm along with the use of Error Prevention Tools and your clinical expertise can help you determine the most appropriate and safest approach when transferring patients.  

Maxi Move


Sara Plus

Sara Plus- Arjo's Website

Sara Stedy

Sara Steady

SAGE Prevalon® – Mobile Air Transfer System “MATS”

 Sage Prevalon


EHOB  ATR+™ System

ATR+ System