How to Report an Accident

Work Related Injury, Illness or Exposure Information

shutterstock_114588193_reportHow Do I Report an Injury or Employee Safety Near Miss?

  • Complete the electronic Employee Safety Report using the Reliability Learning tool .
  • Notify your manager/supervisor by the end of your shift if you have sustained an injury/illness but no later than 24 hours after your injury.
  • Visit Employee Health Services at your location for a required nurse assessment as soon as possible.
  • If you have sustained an exposure/needlestick, you must notify your manager/supervisor immediately so proper steps are taken to obtain source testing.
  • If you have sustained a serious injury, proceed to the nearest Emergency Department.
  • If your injury is not serious and occurs after hours, contact your manager or house supervisor (or designated after-hours provider) for assessment and  treatment options.

Do I have to see a certain doctor for treatment?

  • You are welcome to see a physician of your choice (provided he/she accepts Workers’ Comp).
  • It is important to contact Employee Health after each medical evaluation and/or change in your condition/status.

Who can help me with my Workers’ Compensation claim?

  • You may contact either:
    • Workers’ Compensation Specialist at 682-236-7273, or
    • Workers’ Compensation Analyst at 682-236-7264.