At Texas Health Resources, we aim for a Culture of Safety. “Culture of Safety” is an atmosphere or “way of working” that influences safe behavior. Safety Cultures consist of shared beliefs, practices, and attitudes. Culture is the atmosphere created, an invisible force, which shapes and influences our behavior. This culture is the result of the following:

  • Safety planning and goals
  • Policies and procedures
  • Employee involvement
  • Supervisor accountability and responsibility
  • Actions in response to unsafe behavior
  • Management and employee attitude
  • Employee training and motivation

When the above principles and activities are consistently and effectively aimed at accident reduction, a positive “Culture of Safety” is created.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide the safest work environment possible for all employees
  • Engage in safety activities that positively impact the selection of safe behaviors for all employees
  • Assess the work environment proactively to identify and correct all unsafe conditions
  • Measure and communicate accident rates and costs to all employees
  • Establish and benchmark the accident rates and accident costs to be the most competitive in the industry

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