PTO Usage Change

Change to Paid Time Off Usage 

You spoke, we listened!

Texas Health has received requests from employees to remove the requirement for non-exempt benefits eligible employees to use Paid Time Off (PTO) hours to bring their hours up to their standard hours each pay period to provide more control over how their PTO hours are used if their hours are short during a pay period.

As previously announced, beginning Oct. 8, non-exempt benefits eligible employees will no longer be required to use Paid Time Off (PTO) hours to be brought up to standard work hours for missed hours on a regularly scheduled day. Employee’s still have the option to use PTO hours but aren’t required to do so after Oct. 8.

What action do I need to take after Oct. 8?
Timekeepers will no longer automatically add PTO to your timecard without a request. You will have an even greater responsibility in managing your own time each pay period. If you miss time or do not work your standard hours, you must promptly submit a timekeeping request to add PTO hours to your timecard, if you choose to do so. Requests not received by your entity’s timekeeping deadline will not be processed.

What happens if I don’t submit a request to add PTO hours?
If a request to add hours is not submitted and entered timely, it will result in your paycheck being short on hours, and therefore, a reduced paycheck amount. Please make every effort to review your time each week and submit timely requests to ensure your hours are correct for the pay period. 

Additionally, if you don’t work your standard hours and don’t submit a PTO request, your PTO accrual for the pay period will be lower as your PTO accrual is based on your hours worked as described in the Benefits Handbook. (note: not applicable to Urgent Care and Clinic Practice Staff)

Why is this change being made?
We’ve continued to receive requests to remove this requirement and allow more freedom on how PTO hours are used. You now have the option to use PTO hours to bring you up to your standard hours if you miss a little bit of time, or you can choose to not use them. This would mean you save PTO hours but are not paid for hours not worked and your PTO accrual may be reduced (not applicable to Urgent Care and Clinic Practice Staff).

Can I take scheduled days off for a vacation without using my PTO?
The updated PTO rule is intended to allow non-exempt employees to choose whether to use PTO if they miss time during the pay period (example: an employee completes their shift and clocks out 15 minutes early).

All employees must comply with the Attendance Management policy. Employees—whether exempt or non-exempt—who schedule time away from work should use PTO. If excessive time away from work impacts operational requirements, concerns will be addressed by the manager under the time and attendance policy.

How will I add my own PTO if I miss time?
There will be a new option for “PTOS – PTO for Standard Hours”.  If you are missing time on several days (but not full days), you can use this request to be brought up to standard hours each pay period.

Will I need to submit a request for Holiday time off?
Yes, Timekeeping will no longer add PTO for you on holidays. All benefits-eligible employees who plan to take off for a holiday should submit a request for PTO. 

Who do I contact with questions?
You may contact your department timekeeper for questions about your time.