Disability benefits provide a continuing source of income if you are unable to work because of a disability. Disability coverage is an important part of financial planning for you and your family.

Summary of Coverage

Benefit Plan Who Pays for Coverage Coverage Amount Waiting Period
Short Term Disability You 60% of your base pay up to $1,700 per week 14 days or

30 days

Basic Long Term Disability Texas Health 50% of your base pay. The minimum benefit is $100 per month and the maximum is $15,000 per month 180 days
Additional Long Term Disability You 10% of your annual base pay in addition to Basic LTD — for a total of 60% of your annual base pay, up to a combined maximum benefit of $15,000 per month 180 days

If you are a physician employed by THPG, you are not eligible for the Texas Health LTD plan.

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