Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance 

Pet Insurance through MetLife provides employees of Texas Health lower premiums on pet policies, a 24/7 vet hotline, a wellness benefit, an annual maximum, and lower out-of-pocket expenses when your pet has a claim.


Employees in a part- or full-time benefits eligible position who have an eligible pet can enroll in Pet Insurance. MetLife Pet Insurance covers all breeds of cats and dogs and this list of exotic pets.

How to Participate

Enrollment will take place through MetLife’s website. Click here for instructions.¬†


The cost for your policy will depend on your pet’s age, breed, location, as well as what coverage amount you select.

Monthly payments for Pet Insurance coverage will be made to MetLife directly via credit/debit card or ACH.

How it Works

  1. After your coverage is effective, take your pet to your licensed veterinarian or clinic (includes emergency clinics and specialists)
  2. Pay the bill
  3. Send your bill and claim paperwork for reimbursement via mobile app, online portal, email, fax or mail
  4. Receive reimbursement for covered expenses

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