Paid Time Off: Texas Health Staff

Clinic Practice Staff: Your PTO plan is separate. To see a summary about your benefits, click here
Urgent Care Staff: Your PTO plan is separate. To see a summary about your benefits, click here.


Texas Health offers the Paid Time Off (PTO) program so you continue to receive pay while you are away from work for vacation, holidays, illness or injury, leave of absence or Family and Medical Leave.


As a benefits-eligible employee, you receive PTO each pay period beginning the first pay period after you complete 30 days of service. Your PTO rate is based on your actual hours worked within the pay period up to your PTO Rate. The table show the annual PTO rate schedule for full-time employees scheduled in the payroll system to work 80 hours per pay period. If you are scheduled to work less than 80 hours (but 48 hours or more) per pay period, your rate will be a percentage of the schedule (for example, 64 hours is 80%) and up to the rate for your actual hours worked, if you work your scheduled hours. You may have up to 300 hours of PTO.



Positions Below Director

Director & Above

Less than 1

176 hours

216 hours


192 hours

232 hours

2 – 4

208 hours

248 hours

5 – 9

232 hours

272 hours

10 – 14

256 hours

296 hours

15 – 19

280 hours

312 hours

20 or more

296 hours

328 hours

PRNs, part-time benefits-ineligible employees, executives and medical residents/interns/fellows are not eligible for Texas Health’s PTO Policy.
-Executives should see the Executive Time Off Guidelines.
-Medical residents/interns/fellows should see their contract for information on time off. 
-Time away from work for physicians and advanced practice professionals employed by THPG is based on their contract. 

Use of PTO

Subject to your supervisor’s approval, you can use your PTO up to the amount that matches your scheduled hours in the HR/payroll system. Generally, you must use PTO when you are away from work on a regularly scheduled day, unless it would cause you to exceed the number of hours you are classified in the HR/Payroll system to work. However, there are some exceptions. You cannot use PTO if:

  • Your absence is due to jury duty
  • You are receiving bereavement pay
  • Use of PTO while on suspension or unpaid administrative leave will be determined by the applicable Texas Health policy

You may use PTO, but are not required to use it if:

  • You are on military reserve training or duty
  • You are not at work or are sent home because of low census or other business reason

Employees may not use PTO during any pay week if using it would cause the employee to exceed the number of hours in the HR/Payroll system they are classified to work.

PTO and Multiple Jobs

PTO accrual is based on the combined standard hours of all active positions. For more details on earning and taking PTO when working in more than one position at Texas Health, please review the PTO FAQs located at the bottom of this page under Additional Information.  

Converting PTO

During open enrollment, you can convert up to 80 hours of PTO you will earn the next calendar year (in 8-hour increments) to pay for your benefits. The value of the PTO hours will be added to your paycheck over 26 pay periods. To be eligible to convert PTO, you must elect at least one of the following benefits: medical, dental, vision, health care spending account, day care spending account, additional life insurance, additional AD&D insurance, additional long-term disability, accident insurance, hospital indemnity insurance, or critical illness insurance. You are limited to a combined total of 100 hours per year for converting, selling, and donating PTO. Physicians and mid-level providers employed by THPG are not eligible for PTO conversion.

Selling PTO

  • You may sell PTO two times a year, up to an annual total of 80 hours
  • You must maintain at least 80 hours of PTO after the sale.
  • You may sell a maximum of 80 hours per year.
  • Due to IRS regulations, the combined amount of PTO you convert, sell, and donate must be less than 100 hours per year.
  • When you sell PTO, you will receive 80% of the value of your sold PTO hours as a cash payment and will be subject to applicable payroll taxes and 401(k) deductions (if you are enrolled in the 401(k) Plan).
  • PTO may not be sold from the last paycheck of the year.
    • NOTE: The PTO sell link to be unavailable from Dec. 2, 2022 at 2:00 PM until Jan. 6, 2023.

To sell PTO, visit Click on the Benefits tile, then My PTO Balance on the left. 

Donating PTO

You may donate your PTO hours to certain charities. Up to 80 hours can be donated each year as long as you maintain at least 80 hours of PTO after the sale. The hours you donate are included in the 100-hour annual maximum for the selling, converting, and donating of PTO. When you sell your PTO for donation to a charity, the proceeds are reported as taxable income to you. Your PTO donation will be subject to applicable payroll taxes.

Requesting a Leave of Absence

If you need to take a leave of absence, log on to to submit your leave request. After completing your online request, you will receive an email with instructions. The email will be sent to the address you have listed on You do not receive PTO while on a leave of absence.

Additional Information

If you transfer to a Clinic Practice Staff position at a THPG clinic, in most circumstances you will be paid out any excess PTO balance over 80 hours and will start receiving PTO based on a different rate.  

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