Helping Hands


The Helping Hands Fund gives Texas Health employees a way to help other Texas Health employees by providing PTO to those who have used all of their PTO and still need time away from work because of an illness or catastrophic event.


To donate PTO, go to and select the Benefits tile. From the panel on the left, click on My PTO Balance. The donation link is available at the bottom if you are eligible to donate.

You can make a single donation of PTO. Or, you can sign up to make continuous donations each pay period.

The 100 hour rule for PTO donations does not apply to Helping Hands so employees can donate even if they have already (or plan to) use the 100 hours for other purposes.

PTO may not be donated to Helping Hands from the last paycheck of the year. 


An employee who has experienced a catastrophic event and has used all of his or her PTO can apply and, if approved, receive PTO hours from the fund. To be eligible to receive PTO benefits from the Helping Hands Fund, you must:

  • Be missing time from work and be in compliance with Texas Health’s Leave of Absence policy
  • Be an active, benefits-eligible employee with at least 90 days of service
  • Demonstrate a medical emergency that an unpaid leave will create a financial hardship
  • Not have received more than 80 hours of PTO from the Texas Health Helping Hands Fund in the same calendar year
  • Be in good standing at your entity and are not under any type of disciplinary action program.

If you meet the criteria above, complete the Helping Hands PTO Request form and return it to human resources.


A central system-wide Helping Hands Committee administers the Fund. They consider each request on a case-by-case basis, evaluating the employee’s economic circumstances, nature of the situation or catastrophic event, the estimated length of absence from work, and the amount of PTO available in the Helping Hands Fund.

Each pay period, an average of 13 employees request Helping Hands PTO – and each pay period an average of 215 hours of PTO assistance is granted. That’s why donating even one hour per pay period goes a long way to help your fellow employees.

Important Information

  • The PTO you receive is considered taxable income and will have other deductions taken from it, such as your 401(k) contribution.
  • You can receive a maximum of 80 hours of donated PTO in a calendar year.
  • The Helping Hands Fund is not intended to act as an income replacement fund or to help people who don’t have medical emergency.
  • Texas Health Executives and THPG providers are not eligible to receive PTO benefits from the Helping Hands fund.