October 2018: 3 How To’s for 2019 Benefits Enrollment

3 How-To’s for 2019 Benefits Enrollment

1. How to… get ready for 2019 Benefits Enrollment

  • Learn: Find out what is changing in 2019 and the most important details about each benefit (including what comes out of your paycheck).
  • Decide: Use this guide to decide which benefits are right for you (and your family) in 2019.

2. How to… enroll in 2019 Benefits

  • Login to MyTHR.org 11/1-11/15. Click on the 2019 Benefits Enrollment tile to begin your enrollment. Look carefully at the benefits that are pre-selected. If you don’t make any changes, these benefits are what you will have in 2019. Enrollment will be completed online through MyTHR.org.
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account, Day Care Flexible Spending Account, and PTO Conversion* – If you have these benefits now and don’t re-elect them during Benefits Enrollment, they will end on 12/31/2018.
    • *PTO Conversion is not available to Clinic Practice Staff, THPG Providers, or APPs.

3. How to… get a copy of your 2019 choices

It’s important that you keep a copy of your Benefit Summary for your records. To get your 2019 Benefit Summary report after you complete enrollment:

  1. Login to MyTHR.org
  2. Select the Benefits Tile
  3. Click the Benefits Enrollment link on the left
  4. Next to the 2019 Benefit Enrollment event, select “Print”. Download this as a PDF to your computer.
    • NOTES:
      • If you have not clicked Submit and completed your enrollment, you will not see the print button
      • Make sure that your pop-up blockers are turned off by going to your internet browser’s settings
      • You can save paper by changing the print destination to “Save as PDF” to save this document to your computer. This will help save our resources!

When you login to MyTHR.org beginning 11/16, you’ll see a pop up asking you to select how you’d like to receive your 2019 Benefits Handbook (remember, choosing an electronic copy will help save our resources!).