October 2016: Open Enrollment: What YOU Need to Know

laptop lady brick wallOpen Enrollment: What YOU Need to Know

Open Enrollment Dates
Open Enrollment for 2017 benefits will be held November 3-17, 2016.

Active Enrollment
Open Enrollment will be an active enrollment. This means that each employee must log in, confirm (or change) benefits, and save each election in order to have coverage in 2017. Employees that do not confirm their benefit elections for 2017 will not have coverage next year.

Information on 2017 Changes
Please make sure that your home mailing address is updated in MyTHR.org. We will be mailing out information regarding benefit changes for 2017 on October 14th, 2016.

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PTO Conversion
During Open Enrollment, eligible employees will have the opportunity to convert PTO. Up to 80 hours of PTO that you will earn next year can be converted in eight hour increments to pay for next year’s Flexible Benefits. The value of PTO hours you elect to convert will be deducted from your paycheck over the 26 pay periods of 2017, based on your hourly rate of pay at the time PTO is converted. You must elect at least one Flexible Benefit option to be eligible to convert PTO.

Wellness Credits
If you got your Be Healthy Basics measured by September 30th and had metrics within a healthy range, you will see the wellness credit that you earned when you make your Open Enrollment elections for 2017. Throughout 2017, the wellness credit will show as additional income on each paycheck.

metrics-credit 2017

Health Assessment Survey
If you have active medical coverage at the time of Open Enrollment (11/3/2016-11/17/2016), you can take your Health Assessment Survey to earn a $75 reward! Enrolled spouses can also complete the health assessment for a $25 reward. To access the Health Assessment Survey:


  • Log into MyTHR.org
  • Select “My Be Healthy Rally Rewards”
  • Register for Rally if you have not already done so
  • Complete Health Assessment Survey

Spouses: Spouses will use the following link: http://thr.werally.com/.