October 2015: The Time is Now

clock_nowThe Time is Now

Upcoming changes to Be Healthy Basics mean greater potential rewards for you. Check out

Currently – you receive a $50 reward for having at least two out of three metrics in healthy ranges.

In 2016 – there are four metrics, and you’ll receive a $25 reward for each metric within a healthy range (if you are enrolled in the medical plan).

In 2017 – you’ll receive a medical premium credit of up to $520 (total for the year) divided into each paycheck in 2017 if your 2016 Be Healthy Basics metrics are within healthy ranges.

In 2018 – your 2017 metrics will determine your 2018 medical premium credit and so on.

Learn more about your Be Healthy Basics in 2016/2017. Use the Be Healthy programs available to you to make a difference in your health – starting now.