October 2015: Live with Fidelity Next Week

todolistLive with Fidelity Next Week

The transition from Empower Retirement to Fidelity Investments will be complete the week of Oct. 11.

What you need to do

  1. Look for a postcard in the mail from Fidelity confirming when the transfer is complete
  2. Check your account at netbenefits.com/thr after the transfer is complete
  3. Set up your beneficiaries after you receive the postcard. Beneficiaries did not transfer from Empower.

Learn more

  • Watch this 16 minute transition video prepared specifically for Texas Health employees.
  • See the Transition Brochure for more information and a timeline of the transition to Fidelity.
  • Visit the Fidelity website at netbenefits.com/thr.
  • Call Fidelity at any time to discuss the transition and how it affects your 401(k) account at 1-800-343-0860.
  • Look for an invite over the next few months from HR for an opportunity to set-up a one on one meeting with a Fidelity representative at your location to ask specific questions about your account or financial situation.