Not getting screened too much work

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It might seem that way, but it’s really not that bad! Here’s the basic information:

You have two options to get your screening done before September 30th

Option 1: A Quest Lab

How to get your screening:

  • Schedule an appointment online at at a location for a date and time that works for you before September 30th
  • Show up to your appointment to get your screening
  • That’s it–your results are sent in automatically and electronically

Option 2: Your doctor’s office 
(needs to be in network on your medical insurance)

How to get your screening:

  • Make an appointment with your doctor that works best for your schedule before September 30th
  • Before your visit, print a form from
  • Take the form with you to your appointment and have your doctor complete it (be sure they sign and date it)
  • Follow the instructions listed on the form to submit it before September 30th


By getting a Wellness Credit Screening, you can earn up to $520 in wellness credits on your paycheck in 2020. This is free, extra money on your paycheck! All you have to do is get screened. At your Wellness Credit Screening, you’ll get four numbers measured. You earn your wellness credits based on how many of the numbers you meet.

2019 Be Healthy Metrics graphic

More information on the Wellness Credit Screening and reasonable alternatives can be found here.