New Wellness Platform

New Wellness Platform

Virgin Pulse has replaced Rally as our Be Healthy wellness platform for 2020. Get a quick overview of the new system and details on how to sign up below. 

Virgin Pulse Overview

Virgin Pulse helps you make small everyday changes to your well-being that are focused on the areas you want to improve the most. In addition to completing activities that can help you live a healthier life, you can earn and redeem Be Healthy rewards with PulseCash in the form of electronic gift cards for nationwide retailers and restaurants. Get more info here

How to Sign Up

Getting Your Be Healthy Rewards

Rewards that you have earned from completing Be Healthy programs will be available in Virgin Pulse. 

Rewards can take up to 12 weeks to show in Virgin Pulse after you’ve completed a program. To get a notification from Virgin Pulse that your rewards are ready, you’ll need to be registered on Virgin Pulse first.  Once your reward is available, you can get your Be Healthy rewards in the form of Pulse Cash as a gift card for different retail stores, restaurants, etc. 

2019 Be Healthy Rewards in Rally

2019 Be Healthy rewards will be available in Rally through April 30, 2020. All 2019 rewards will need to be redeemed prior to April 30, 2020. To access Rally, visit Click the Benefits tile, then select Redeem 2019 Be Healthy Rewards on the left.