May 2017: Get the MOST out of your medical plan with these five tips

healthy familyGet the MOST out of your medical plan with these five tips

  1. Make a plan for your unplanned health needs.
  • Your medical plan offers different health care options for your different health needs. Know your options and related costs to make your best and most affordable choice when you have a health care need.
    Care option Cost Use for…
    Virtual Visits $0 copay Cold/flu, pink eye, sinus infection, stomach ache, mental health
    Office Visits $30 copay for Primary Care Physician Routine medical care as well as non-emergency problems such as sore throat, fever, etc.
    Urgent Care Center $50 copay Ear infections, minor burns or cuts, sprains, strains, and minor fractures, rashes
    Emergency Room $100 copay, then 10% after deductible


    Emergency conditions such as difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, pain or pressure in the chest, fainting or feeling suddenly weak or dizzy, etc.
  • With all three medical plans, you will see the most savings by going to a preferred hospital whenever you need hospital care. You can view the list of preferred hospitals here.
  1. You have free, 24/7 access to a Health Advocate nurse who can help you with health and wellness questions, claims assistance, and more!

Health Advocates can help you decide whether a health concern requires a trip to the emergency room, urgent care, or doctor; better understand diagnosis and treatment options; and get answers to your questions about prescriptions. Health Advocates are registered nurses with at least 15 years of experience and backed by a team of doctors.

To speak to a Health Advocate nurse at any time, call 1-877-MyTHRLink (1-877-698-4754) and select prompt 2.

  1. Use the Be Healthy wellness program to get and stay healthy, and earn rewards along the way! Be Healthy offers a variety of tools and resources to help you meet your health goals.
    Check out this Be Healthy program overview that describes all of the programs offered. You can find more information as well as enrollment instructions for each program at
  2. Get convenience at your fingertips—download the UHC app
    Download the UnitedHealthcare app on your mobile device to view claims, access your ID cards, find a doctor, and get answers to your questions!
  3. Check out this page with information on how to use your medical plan
    We want you to be informed, ask questions, and make sensible decisions on your medical care. We put this page together to help you use your medical plan wisely.