May 2015: What Your EAP Can Do For You

EAPservicesWhat Your EAP Can Do For You

An EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is often known for free counseling. Your EAP offers this confidential service for you and your family members at no cost as it is paid 100% by Texas Health.

But did you know that it also offers Legal Services and Identify Theft Recovery Services?

Legal Services

Every year one out of three people in the U.S. is confronted with a legal problem. Many of these problems can be resolved with advice from a licensed attorney before they escalate, saving you time and money and minimizing the stress and anxiety caused by unresolved legal problems.

You are eligible for one intitial 30-minute telephonic or face-to-face legal consultation per separate legal matter, with a network attorney. If you want to retain an attorney after the initial consultation, you get 25% off the normal hourly rate (flat fees likely not discounted).

Attorneys deal with almost all types of legal matters, including divorce and child custody, contractual and consumer disputes, real estate and landlord-tenant issues, and car accidents and insurance disputes.

Identity Theft Recovery Services

If you have been victimized, the EAP can help. Call right away to receive a 30-minute consultation with a certified consumer credit counselor who can assess your situation, create an action plan and provide the knowledge and tools to implement that plan effectively. If there is a potential of ID theft, the EAP will warm transfer you to an identity recovery specialist who can advise you on how to place fraud alerts, freeze credit, file police reports, and conduct other activities necessary to resolve fraud.


When you need a helping hand, a skilled professional can provide focus, direction, and support. The EAP can help you identify and resolve issues including:

  • Marriage and relationships
  • Family conflict,
  • Stress, anxiety, and emotional distress
  • Grief and loss
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Life changes

Contact the EAP at 1-877-MyTHRLink (877-698-4754) and selecting prompt 4, the option 4 again. Or you can connect online at the MHN website using “THR” has the Company Code.