Making Changes After Enrollment


When You Can Make a Change

The Total Health Benefits Program is a flexible benefits plan regulated by federal laws that restrict when you may change your elections. According to these laws, you may request a benefit change during the year only if you have a qualified status change (see list below) that affects your eligibility.

You have within 31 days of the event date to make your benefit changes online and provide documentation.

If you do not have a qualified status change, the next time you can make changes to your benefits is during open enrollment (typically in November) taking effect on January 1.

When Changes are Effective

In most cases, changes will be effective the following pay period begin date following the online election of the and receipt of acceptable documentation. However, coverage for birth and adoption is effective retroactive to the date of the event.

Qualified Status Changes

You may make certain changes to your benefits and covered dependents due to the following most common reasons:

Life Events

Job Events

Documentation to support your status change and/or newly added dependents may be required within 31 days of the event date. See a list of acceptable documentation for the most common status changes.

The benefit change must be consistent with the reason for the change. For a full list of qualified status changes and more details, see your Employee Benefits Handbook.

How to Make a Change

  • Go to
  • Click “Benefits Enrollment Information” under the Total Health banner.
    • Click “Benefit Enrollment” if you have a job event (as listed above).
    • Click “Life Change Event” if you have a life event (as listed above).
  • Make applicable changes to your benefits based on your event.
  • You must provide documentation supporting your change in status within 31 days, or the change will not take effect. Submit documentation to THR Benefits Support via email to
  • Please include this cover sheet when submitting documentation.