Requesting a Leave


If your need for a leave is anticipated (foreseeable), you must notify your manager and submit a request for leave of absence on at least 30 days before the leave begins.

If your need for leave was not anticipated (not foreseeable), you or a family member or representative (if you are incapable) must follow the applicable Time and Attendance Management Policy by notifying your manager as soon as possible and reporting the absence to the IDM department at or 682-236-7278.

Submitting your leave request:

Following notification of your manager, you must request a leave online.

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on My Job Transitions then Request a Leave of Absence
  3. Read each page carefully as each contains important information regarding your leave
  4. Enter your last day worked, leave start date and expected return date
    • If your leave dates change, contact IDM as soon as possible
  5. Select leave type – if you are unsure of your eligibility for a certain leave type, please contact IDM at 682-236-7278 for assistance.
  6. Review your contact information and provide a personal email address
    • You will not have access to your work email during your leave. You will still have access to 
  7. Read the important information about your benefits.
  8. Follow the steps to enter the PTO you want to take while on leave.
  9. Read required documentation information and reminders and click Submit.

The online system will automatically provide you with important Information such as your PTO balance, impact to benefits, physician’s certification forms and next steps. Also, your manager, IDM, Employee Health and the Human Resources department will receive immediate email notification of your leave request.

Required Documentation


A Certification of Health Care Provider form must be completed by you or your family member’s health care provider. It must be returned to IDM within 15 days of your request for leave.

Military Leave: 

Provide a copy of your orders, and send to IDM within 15 days.

Medical Leave under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

A Reasonable Accommodation Packet must be completed and returned within 15 days.

  • You must complete and return the Reasonable Accommodation Request
  • Medical Provider Inquiry form must be completed by your healthcare provider

The IDM department will notify you when a final decision has been made about your leave request.

Requesting an Extension

As soon as you are aware that you may not be able to return on your expected return to work date, notify your manager as soon as possible and contact IDM at or 682-236-7278.