June 2018: Student Loan Debt? We’ve got resources just for you.

Student Loan Debt? We’ve got resources just for you.

Student Debt Tool

Overwhelmed? Not even sure where to begin? We get it. Student debt is complicated. Through Fidelity (yes, our 401(k) vendor), you can get a personalized plan of action for your student loans with their Student Debt Tool.

The Fidelity Student Debt Tool was built to help borrowers take control of their student loan debt. For some that may mean finding a lower payment with a federal, income-driven repayment plan, while others may be interested in applying to refinance or make extra payments. In the tool, a borrower can upload their information to:

  • See all their loans, both federal and private, in one place
  • Model out different strategies using actual loan information
  • Find clear and actionable information about the options
  • Get started making a change

Get started at fidelity.com/studentdebt.

Student Loan Refinancing 

Refinance. What does that even mean? Refinancing is the process of replacing an existing loan with a new loan, usually at a lower rate of interest. Which means you could save money by paying less interest over time.  By refinancing your student loans, you could:

  • Lock in a lower interest rate
  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Combine multiple student loans for easier management

Through the Employee Discount site (yes, the site that offers you some awesome discounts), student loan refinancing programs are available through Citizens One, Earnest, and SoFi. You can view each of these company’s offers (including low interest rates, payment options, and welcome bonuses) by going to www.Beneplace.com/TexasHealth and selecting Financial Wellness in the top banner. From the Financial Wellness page, scroll to the bottom section titled “Student Loan Refinancing”. Click on each company’s page to view the refinancing options available to you.


Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program offers more than just confidential counseling 24/7. They’ve got great information about student loans in addition to resources about how to pay less for loans, credit reports, predatory lending (loans that sound too good to be true) and more.