June 2017: If you have student loans, Fidelity has something that can help

students on laptopsIf you have student loans, Fidelity has something that can help

The numbers are huge: 1.4 trillion dollars1, 44 million Americans2. As big as the numbers are, they pale in comparison to how smaller numbers like $10,000, $20,000, or $100,000 can feel when you’re repaying your own student debt.

Fidelity has a brand new tool to help you manage your student loans and explore different ways to pay down your debt.

The tool, which is live and available at fidelity.com/studentdebt, allows you to upload and see all your student loans (federal and private) in one place and explore different repayment options. Because the tool uses real loan data, you’ll see the potential impact of switching plans, or making extra payments. Helpful resources like cheat sheets make it easy to get started making a change.

Get started with the Student Debt Tool today at fidelity.com/studentdebt!



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