June 2016: What You Need to Know about Be Healthy Basics and 2017 Benefit Credits

be healthy logoWhat You Need to Know about Be Healthy Basics and 2017 Benefit Credits

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Eligibility
    All benefits-eligible employees of wholly-owned Texas Health locations actively enrolled in the medical plan are eligible to participate in Be Healthy Basics and earn credits on your paycheck to help pay for 2017 benefits.
  2. New Metrics
    There are four metrics for Be Healthy Basics:

    • LDL Cholesterol: less than 130 mg/dL
    • Blood Pressure: less than 141/90
    • Fasting Blood Sugar: less than 100
    • Abdominal Circumference:  Women: less than 35 inches               Men: less than 40 inches
  3. Rewards and Premium Credits
    For each metric you have within a healthy range this year, you’ll earn a $25 reward, up to $100. Based on the number of metrics you have within a healthy range, you’ll earn a benefit premium credit for each paycheck next year, up to $520!
  4. Deadline to Get Screened
    Employees must be screened by September 30th in order to earn rewards for 2016 and premium credits for 2017. If you do not get screened by September 30th, you will not be eligible for rewards or premium credits.
  5. Where to Get Screened
    There are three options:

    • Onsite employee health fairs
    • Doctor’s office (need to take a form with you)
    • LabCorp (need to take a form with you)
  6. Getting Re-Screened to Check for Progress
    You are able to get screened in 2016 more than once. If you get screened and do not meet all of the metrics, use the Be Healthy programs available to you, improve your health, and get screened again using one of the options listed above. Just make sure your re-screen is completed by September 30th. We will take your best numbers out of a total of three screenings for the 2016 rewards and the 2017 credits! Note: You only receive one reward per metric.
  7. Reasonable Alternative
    If your results are outside the healthy ranges, you may earn the 2016 rewards and the 2017 premium credit by participating in a reasonable alternative program. You may complete three missions on the Rally Rewards site by September 30, 2016 (link available on MyTHR.org).

If you can’t complete the Be Healthy Basics for medical reasons or have a dispute, visit your physician to complete the Reasonable Alternative Action Form.

Still have questions? Check out these FAQs.