June 2015: What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What’s Wrong with this Picture?


There are 4 things wrong. Can you find them?

  1. Checking cell phone while walking (or any other device) distracts you and can cause falls. It is especially dangerous on uneven surfaces such as stairs.
  2. Carrying objects while walking up and down stairs can be risky, as it can cause you to be off balance and more likely to prevent falls. Do not carry objects that require the use of both hands or that could block your vision.
  3. Using handrails is important to your safety not only when you are going down stairs but also when you go up stairs. A miscalculation of a fraction of an inch when stepping up can send you sprawling, with painful results. Using handrails or “hovering” your hand over handrails can help steady yourself and provide a way to catch yourself if you start to lose balance.
  4. Always wear footwear appropriate to the job being performed. In this case, open-toe shoes with high heels could be very dangerous. Dropping the box on her toes could cause injury. Using stairs in high heels could cause employees to lose balance and fall.