June 2015: Someone I love has diabetes

diabetes_stats1Someone I love has diabetes

With 1 out of 11 in the U.S. having diabetes, chances are someone you love has diabetes. Is that someone your spouse? A child? Is that someone you? Learn more about the serious complications of diabetes and how your benefits can help you and your family prevent these from happening to your loved one.

Diabetes Risks

Even though Type 2 Diabetes can often be prevented or delayed through lifestyle changes such as eating healthy and being more active, people often do not take the steps needed to make a difference.

When they don’t, they can experience serious health complications and higher medical costs resulting in an overall lower quality of life.

diabetes_stats2Diabetes Education

For those that have been diagnosed with diabetes, attending regular visits with a diabetes educator can make a significant difference.

Angela Bunyard, a Diabetes Program Coordinator at Texas Health Arlington Memorial, states that patients typically see a significant drop in their A1C level (average blood glucose over several months) after going through their program. Decreasing the A1C level helps a patient lower their risk of complications. The classes give people reliable information about diet, exercise, and medication in addition to providing the support needed as a result of their diabetes diagnosis.

Diabetes Benefits and Support for You

There are two programs available to help you or a dependent covered by the Total Health Medical Plan that is diagnosed with diabetes.

  • Diabetes Management Program

Through this program, you or a loved one covered by the Total Health Medical Plan can receive education and support. By visiting with a Diabetes Educator, you can get free test strips to self-monitor your blood glucose. Also available through this program, you can get a glucose monitor at no cost to you. Learn more about the Diabetes Management Program.

  • Total Health Nurse

Navigating the health care system can be intimidating. That’s where a Total Health Nurses can help you. They are dedicated to making sure you have the support you need so you can focus on your health. They can assist by helping you manage medications, coordinate health care appointments, follow your doctor’s treatment plans or even attend appointments with you. To learn more, call 1-877-MyTHRLink (1-877-698-4754), select prompt 2 and ask to speak with a Total Health Nurse.