July 2018: Time is running out to earn your $520 for 2019

Time is running out to earn your $520 for 2019

If you have active medical coverage, complete your Be Healthy Basics screening by September 30th and earn up to $520 in 2019 if you meet the four metrics. Find out more about screening options and easy alternative ways to earn the full $520 even if you don’t meet the metrics.

To be eligible to earn 2019 Wellness Credits, you must have active medical coverage, get screened, complete your reasonable alternative if necessary, and submit applicable documentation by Sept. 30, 2018.

There are three options to get your Be Healthy Basics screening. Pick the option that is most convenient for you:

  1. Quest Labs
    Our Quest lab partner will complete your Be Healthy Basics biometrics using the Lab Patient Service Center screening form.

    • Go to QuestforHealth.com and use registration key “THR2018” to register if visiting the site for the first time. Select the Lab Patient Service Center option, schedule an appointment with a Quest lab, and print the Lab Patient Service Center form to take with you to your Quest lab appointment.
    • Quest lab will automatically send your lab results directly to Rally. If your metric results don’t show up in your Rally account after four weeks, please call 1-877-698-4574, prompt 4 then prompt 3 to check the status.
  2. Your Doctor
    Your insurance plan’s doctor will complete your Be Healthy Basics biometrics using the Provider/Physician screening form.

    • Go to QuestforHealth.com and use registration Key “THR2018” to register if visiting the site for the first time. Select the Provider/Physician Form option, then print the form to take with you to your doctor appointment. A copay may apply to doctor visits.
    • At your appointment, explain to your doctor that this screening form option is only for processing the Be HealthyBasics metrics lab work associated with your employer’s wellness credit program. Please make sure your doctor uses your insurance plan’s in-network lab to process the Provider/Physician Form to avoid additional charges.
    • To be eligible for wellness credits, you are responsible for making sure the completed and signed Provider/Physician Form is faxed to 1-844-560-5221.
  1. Onsite Employee Health Fairs
    • This is a free, voluntary benefit offered to employees. Click here for the final health fair dates, times, and locations of 2018.

Got screened and didn’t meet the metrics? You can still earn the highest wellness credit for 2019!

If your 2018 screening results are outside the ranges:
You may complete three Rally missions (concurrently) on the Rally website to earn your missing metrics and wellness credits. Each mission lasts 4-5 weeks and must be completed by  30, 2018. The link to Rally is available on MyTHR.org via the Benefits tile, then clicking on Be Healthy Rewards on the left.

Missions are short term goals that will help you improve your health. From drinking enough water each day to getting plenty of sleep each night, Rally gives you Missions you can achieve. Some of the Missions might even surprise you, such as doing something creative each day and laughing or calling friends more often.

If you didn’t meet the metrics due to medical reasons (example: pregnancy):
If you can’t meet the Be Healthy Basics for medical reasons or have a dispute, visit your physician to complete the Reasonable Alternative Action Form. The form must be completed by your physician and submitted by  30, 2018.