July 2015: Make Your Online Donation to Helping Hands

helpinghands_smOnline Donations to Helping Hands

What is Helping Hands?

Texas Health Resources’ “Helping Hands” program helps employees help each other by providing Paid Time Off (PTO) to those who have exhausted their own PTO bank but still need time away from work due to a catastrophic event or illness. Each pay period, 10-15 requests are submitted to the Helping Hands committee.

How do I make a donation?

To donate, simply log on to www.MyTHR.org and select My PTO Balance. If eligible to donate, you will see a link at the bottom of the page to an online form called Helping Hands Donation. Your donation can be a one-time donation or it can be ongoing.

What are the tax consequences for donating to Helping Hands?

Since donated PTO is actually used by other employees to take time off, the donation is subtracted from your PTO balance and has no impact on taxes. It also does not count toward the 100 hour max of PTO hours that can be sold or donated to charity.