January 2016: New ways to help YOU Be Healthy

rally_screenshotNew ways to help YOU Be Healthy


Real Appeal is a new weight loss and healthy living program that can help you take small steps that lead to big results. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, Real Appeal’s personalized approach can help you look better and feel great without turning your life upside-down. By implementing small changes over time, you’ll gradually shift to a healthier, happier lifestyle and begin to see results that last.

Who is eligible to participate?

Texas Health Resources’ employees, spouses, and dependents 18 and older who have active medical coverage through Texas Health Resources and a BMI of 23 or higher are invited to join Real Appeal at no additional cost, not even a co-pay or deductible!

What happens after I enroll?

Once you enroll, you’ll meet with a personalization expert – right from your smart phone, tablet or computer – who will customize a program that suits your lifestyle and targets your desired weight loss goals. Next, Real Appeal will give you access to a transformation coach who you’ll meet with virtually for the next year to offer you support and help you stay on track.

After your goals are set and your coaching support network is intact, you’ll need all the right tools and resources to kick start your weight loss. Real Appeal has you covered! The Real Appeal Success Kit is delivered right to your door at no additional cost. The kit comes complete with nutrition and activity guides, workout DVD’s, a pedometer, a blender for making healthy shakes and snacks on the go, and more! Ready to get started on your journey to a happier, healthier you? Enroll now at thr.realappeal.com.

Rally for Better Health

Rally is user-friendly digital experience that uses technology, gaming and social media to help you eat better, move more and live happier. Rally replaces the Health & Wellness website accessed from MyTHR.org.

With Rally, you can:

  • Earn and redeem Be Healthy rewards
  • Complete Missions
  • Download the app which sends you motivating notifications and reminders
  • Link to a fitness device such as your Fitbit or Jawbone.
  • Join Challenges
  • Win cool stuff. Participation enters you in drawings to win electronics, health trackers and more.

Find Rally by clicking on “Be Healthy Rally Rewards” under Quick Links on MyTHR.org or visit THR.werally.com to log in directly.