February eNewsletter: Redeem 2019 Rewards

Redeem 2019 Be Healthy Rewards in Rally before April

Because we’ve changed wellness platforms from Rally to Virgin Pulse, you only have until April to redeem any 2019 rewards through Rally before the platform goes away completely. 

The Rally platform will completely go away at the end of April 2020. All 2019 rewards will need to be redeemed prior to April 30, 2020. If any 2019 rewards are not redeemed through Rally prior to this date, you will lose them.


Redeem 2019 Rewards

2019 Be Healthy rewards will be available in Rally through April 2020. To access Rally, visit www.MyTHR.org. Click the Benefits tile, then select Redeem 2019 Be Healthy Rewards on the left. 


Sign up for Virgin Pulse

Have you signed up for the new platform, Virgin Pulse? We’ve heard great feedback that people are loving it!

Go to MyTHR.org and select the Benefits tile. Then click the Be Healthy Rewards link on the left. The Virgin Pulse site will open in a new window and allow you to register. For a quick overview of the new platform, click here