February 2015: Using your Dental Benefits


Feb. 2015: Using your Dental Benefitswisdomteeth

Check out these tips and program information so you can take care of your teeth and use your benefits with wisely.

Tools to help you are available at www.aetna.com

  • Make sure you are paying the right amount. Being registered at www.aetna.com allows you to receive emails when a new EOB (explanation of benefits) is processed. An EOB tells you what was billed, what the plan paid, and how much you owe.
  • Print ID cards.  Aetna has a new program where an ID card is no longer required. Simply give your dentist office your name, date of birth, and Member ID# (or your social security number). If you prefer to have a card, you can print one at www.aetna.com.

Finding/selecting a dentist

  • Need to find a dentist?   www.aetna.com is the website to look for a provider but if not logged in, you have to go through several screens to get to the right place. So we’ve found a direct link for you. Go to http://www.aetna.com/dse/search?site_id=dse to search for a provider.
  • Enrolled in the DMO?  Each covered DMO participant must have a designated primary care dentist prior to accessing DMO services. Be sure to complete this process a few weeks before you wish to make an appointment. To designate your primary care dentist, use the link above to identify a dentist. When asked to select a plan, choose “Dental Management Organization (DMO)”. Make note of the primary office number for the chosen dentist for each participant. Then call Aetna at 1-877-MyTHRLink (877-698-4754), and select prompt 6, then prompt 3 to notify Aetna of your choice.

Having troubles with a claim?

  • Call Customer Service.  You can contact Aetna customer service by calling 1-877-MyTHRLink (877-698-4754), and select prompt 6, then prompt 3.

Remember to use your FSA (flexible spending account) funds

  • Did you know?  FSA funds can be used for dependents whether you have them covered on your dental plan or not.
  • Have unused funds in your FSA from 2014?  The Texas Health FSA offers a grace period which allows you to use FSA funds from 2014 for services through March 15 of 2015. Simply use your debit card to access either 2014 or 2015 funds.