Earning Be Healthy Rewards in 2020

Earning Be Healthy Rewards in 2020

When you participate in and complete certain Be Healthy programs in 2020, you can earn a Be Healthy reward in the form of Virgin Pulse cash, redeemable for gift cards at various restaurants and retailers. You have a variety of programs and activities to choose from to earn up to $300 in Be Healthy rewards in 2020. You have the choice to participate in whichever programs and activities work best for your health journey (and your schedule) to earn rewards the way you want to.  

Choose any programs or activities below to participate in during 2020. You can earn up to $300 in rewards for the year.

Programs and Activities When to Participate How to Participate Reward Where to Find More Information
Healthy Pregnancy Enroll by 16th week of pregnancy and continue through post-partum (end date varies based on Texas Health Aetna or UHC)
  • Texas Health Aetna members click here
  • UHC members click here
$100 https://behealthythr.wpengine.com/be-healthy/healthy-pregnancy/
Cancer Screening Anytime January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020

Colonoscopy: Starting at age 50

Mammogram: Starting at age 40

$25 (each screening https://behealthythr.wpengine.com/be-healthy/cancer-screening/
Annual Wellness Exam Anytime January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 Visit your doctor (PCP or OBGYN) for a preventive/wellness exam $75 https://behealthythr.wpengine.com/be-healthy/preventivewellness-exam/
Annual Health Check During 2021 Benefits Enrollment (actual dates will be announced August 2020) Complete Health Check in Virgin Pulse $75 https://behealthythr.wpengine.com/be-healthy/health-assessment/
Virgin Pulse Activities Anytime January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 Complete any or all of the following activities in Virgin Pulse:
• Complete 20 daily cards in a month (tips to make health choices in all areas of well-being)
• Track calories 20 days in a month
• Track sleep 20 days in a month
• Track Health Habits 20 days in a month
• Track 7,000 steps/15 active minutes/15 workout minutes 20 days in a month
• Complete a Whil program (online mental health component that includes mindfulness, emotional intelligence and more)
$50 for each activity https://behealthythr.wpengine.com/be-healthy/virgin-pulse-activities/