December 2018: Have you earned your $75 reward?

Have you earned your $75 reward?

Did you know you can earn a $75 reward just for visiting your doctor for a wellness exam if you are enrolled in the medical plan? And, enrolled spouses can earn a $25 if they visit their doctor.

Getting regular check-ups is important for everyone – even if you are in good health. By getting a preventive/wellness exam, your doctor may be able to identify your risk for future medical problems, screen for diseases, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and update your vaccinations. And, it’s important to have a relationship with your doctor in the event of a medical illness. They know your medical history and can help shape your health journey.

What do you need to do?

Make an appointment with your doctor for your preventive/wellness exam. This exam can be done by your primary care physician, or women can get a well-woman exam with their gynecologist.

Additional information

  • It is important that your doctor’s office codes your visit as a “wellness exam” and not a routine office visit so you will be able to receive the reward.
  • Once the claim for the visit is submitted to your medical plan carrier (either UnitedHealthcare or Texas Health Aetna), the reward will process within 12 weeks. When the reward is processed, it will be available in your Rally account so you can redeem your gift card. You can login to Rally from by selecting the Benefits tile, then Be Healthy Rewards.