December 2017: Reminder for PTO Changes in 2018

vacation mountains coupleReminder for PTO Changes in 2018

We made a few adjustments to the Paid Time Off program that still allows us to offer a competitive program but that will save millions of dollars in costs next year. The changes are detailed below.

PTO Maximum
The maximum number of hours that may be carried over to year to year has changed to 350. Employees with over 325 PTO hours will receive a pay-out on their Dec. 15, 2017 paycheck and have already been notified of this change so they can make appropriate plans.

PTO Accrual Schedule
We are adding an accrual rate at one year. Also we are adding in an extra year to each accrual band for all accruals that occur after Jan. 1, 2018.

enews PTO accrual 1

*This accrual table is not applicable to physicians, physician extenders and clinic practice staff.