December 2017: Ready to take control of student loans?

students on laptopsReady to take control of student loans?

If you feel like everyone is talking about student loans, you’re right. Everyone is talking about them, mostly because everyone is affected by them, or knows someone who is. Maybe you’re one of them; and you certainly wouldn’t be alone. By the numbers, more than 44 million Americans have student loans1. Together the amount owed is roughly 1.4 trillion dollars2. And while it’s easy to think of student debt as a millennial problem, it’s so much broader. People in all stages of life, from millennials to boomers, are struggling to take control of student loans.

For many borrowers, it’s not just about the debt, but the impact of debt on their day-to-day lives. Should you pay off your loans or save for retirement? When will you be able to take a vacation? What about saving for a loved one to one day go to college? Managing loans while also taking into account overall financial wellness is top of mind for a lot of people. But with so much confusing and conflicting information out there, how can you make heads or tails of the options out there? Where do you begin?

The Fidelity Student Debt Tool was built to help borrowers take control of their student loan debt. For some that may mean finding a lower payment with a federal, income-driven repayment plan, while others may be interested in applying to refinance or make extra payments. In the tool, a borrower can upload their information to:

  • See all their loans, both federal and private, in one place
  • Model out different strategies using actual loan information
  • Find clear and actionable information about the options
  • Get started making a change

Additionally, borrowers can learn about federal loan forgiveness programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness, download step-by-step instructions for making changes to their repayment plan, and access robust FAQs.

Explore the tool and learn more about the Student Debt Tool at

In addition, you can find discounts at for the following financial wellness services:

  • Auto finance/refinance
  • Credit & ID protection
  • Financial Tools
  • Mortgage
  • Student Loan Refinancing
The Student Debt Tool is not a product or service of Fidelity Brokerage Serves.
1 MarketWatch, 2016.
2 Federal Reserve Bank of NY, 2016
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