December 2016: 3 Things You Need to Know About Your 2017 Benefits

3 Things You Need to Know About Your 2017 Benefits

ID Cards for 2017 Coverage

If you kept the same plan that you had in 2016, you will continue to use the same card for pharmacy, vision and for a flexible spending account. You will only receive a new ID card if you changed pharmacy, vision or FSA plans or you enrolled in a plan for the first time. If you have dental coverage, you do not need an ID card.

Everyone who enrolled in medical plan for 2017 will receive a new ID card reflecting the new ER copay.

You will receive these cards in late December.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

You can use funds from your 2016 FSA accounts until March 15, 2017. All requests for reimbursement and receipts must be submitted to Payflex no later than March 31, 2017. If you do not use the balance from your 2016 account by March 15, 2017 – you will lose those funds.

PTO Sell/Donate

If you wish to sell or donate PTO before the end of the year, please do so before 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 9, 2016 by going to You cannot sell or donate PTO again until January 2, 2017.