December 2015: Things You Will Want to Know About Your Benefits

nursewithlaptopThings You Will Want to Know About Your Benefits

New IRS Form in 2016 and How to Receive It Electronically

When you file your taxes this year, a new form will be provided to you by Texas Health Resources in addition to your W-2. This form, called 1095-C, will contain detailed information about your health care coverage.

The IRS will use the information you report from your 1095-C to determine whether you will pay a penalty for failing to have health care coverage as required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Learn more about the 1095-C. You can also consent to receive online delivery of your 1095-C.

Helpful Info about W-2’s

  • If you have consented to receive your W-2 form online, be sure to print all applicable information from when available. There is a link for the back of the W-2 form as well as the front.
  • W-2 forms are available to all employees on regardless if you consented to receive an online form or not.
  • Those who did not consent to receive their W-2 online will have a printed W-2 mailed to their current “mail” address listed under the personal information page.
  • If you worked at more than one Texas Health facility in 2015, you will receive a separate W-2 for each location. If you have multiple W-2’s, more than one 2015 link will be visible for you on The employer taxpayer ID number is the same on all W-2 forms but the information is different coming from wage payments while working at each entity.

PTO Accrual Examples in 2016

We want to clear some confusion and ease concerns of employees regarding the PTO Accrual process in 2016. The biggest question received so far is surrounding use of PTO for vacation hours. Check out these examples:

Normal PTO Accrual

Let’s say you take a week off for vacation and then work your full schedule the next week. You will receive a full PTO accrual for this pay period.

Reduced PTO Accrual

You work a full schedule the first week and only half of your scheduled hours the second week. You do not have PTO to cover the hours you missed. Your PTO Accrual will be 75% of your normal PTO Accrual for this pay period.

We have prepared PTO Accrual FAQs to help you understand the change in 2016 as well.

Your 2016 Deductions

Deductions for your 2016 benefits will begin on your January 15 paycheck.

ID Cards for 2016 Coverage

If you kept the same plan for that you had in 2015, you will continue to use the same card for medical, dental, vision and for a flexible spending account.

You will only receive a new ID card if you changed plans or you enrolled in a plan for the first time. You will receive these cards in late December. The Dental plan will not send ID cards but will provide information packets on how to get a card or access benefits without a card.

Redeem Your Be Healthy Rewards Now

If you haven’t already redeemed your rewards, don’t wait. Your Be Healthy Team highly recommends that you redeem all outstanding rewards by December 31, 2015.

Why? Texas Health is transitioning to a new rewards website called Rally on January 1. Any rewards unredeemed by the end of the year will not be accessible from the new Rally rewards website. After January 1, you will have the ability to redeem those rewards. However, you would need to complete registration on a different website that offers fewer reward options that are available to you today.