December 2015: PTO Accrual in 2016

mountainsunPTO Accrual in 2016

We want to clear some confusion and ease concerns of employees regarding the PTO Accrual process in 2016. The biggest question received so far is surrounding the use of PTO for vacation hours.

PTO Accrual Examples in 2016

Normal PTO Accrual

Let’s say you take a week off for vacation using 40 hours of PTO and then work your full schedule the next week. You will receive a full PTO accrual for this pay period.

Reduced PTO Accrual

You work a full schedule the first week and only half of your scheduled hours the second week. You do not have PTO to cover the hours you missed. Your PTO Accrual will be 75% of your normal PTO Accrual for this pay period.


We have prepared PTO Accrual FAQs to help you understand the change in 2016 as well.