Missed Benefit Deductions

Missed Benefit Deductions

Benefits that you have elected through Texas Health Resources are paid through bi-weekly payroll deductions. These deductions are taken from 26 paychecks during the year based on pay date. There are times throughout the year you may miss a paycheck, or when your paycheck is not enough to cover your benefit premiums. For example, if you go on an unpaid leave of absence or if you do not work your standard work hours and do not have enough PTO hours to make up for missed hours.

Most of the time, if you miss paying a premium from your paycheck the payroll system will take an extra one on your next check to catch you up.  If you have missed benefit deductions because you were on a leave of absence, Texas Health Resources Benefits Department will notify you that you are required to make a payment for your benefit premiums manually to prevent a lapse in coverage.

NOTE: Paying for benefit deductions manually is only an option for employees who are on a leave of absence and did not receive a paycheck, or for those whose paycheck was not enough to pay for benefit premiums. All other employees pay benefit premiums via payroll deduction.


How to Know if You Need to Make a Payment

You will receive a statement mailed from Texas Health Benefits Department letting you know a payment is due, the amount you owe, as well as the due date. These statements will be mailed two days prior to pay day and will arrive subject to your USPS mail carrier. Payments are due 7 days after pay day.

How to Submit Your Payment

While access to your Texas Health email account is turned off during LOA, your access to MyTHR.org does NOT get turned off during LOA. MyTHR.org access remains active as long as you are employed by Texas Health.

Your payment can be submitted on-line using a credit/debit card or e-Check at MyTHR.org under My Job Transactions, then click on Pay My Missed Benefit Premiums.

You can also make your payment by submitting a check or money order, payable to Texas Health Resources. Please include your employee ID number on your payment and mail to:  Texas Health Resources, ATTN: Benefit Billing, 612 E. Lamar Blvd., Suite 400, Arlington, TX  76011.


If you have questions about this statement or need to discuss a payment plan, please contact the Texas Health Benefits Support Center at 1-877-MyTHRLink (1-877-698-4754) and select prompt 9 or email THRBenefitsBilling@texashealth.org.