Leaving-Clinic Practice Staff

Are you leaving Texas Health?

The following information is applicable to Clinic Practice Staff.

If you are leaving or planning to leave Texas Health, we are sorry to hear that. We hope that you have fully considered your decision using all of the resources available to you online and at your entity with your Human Resources partners. We wish you the best in your future. You’ll find resources below to help you with your transition. To submit your resignation, you must provide your manager with proper notice and submit your resignation online through MyTHR.org.

Benefit Termination

Your benefits will end upon your termination. Check this document for further information on when each of your benefits coverage ends through Texas Health. Note: not all benefits end at the same time.

Last Paycheck

Your last paycheck will be delivered by direct deposit or pay card, whatever you have currently established, unless otherwise directed. All applicable benefit premiums and deductions will be taken from your last paycheck.

If you have more than one year of service and terminate employment or change to a PRN status, you will be paid at straight time rate of pay for any unused PTO up to a maximum of eighty (80) hours, providing a two (2) week notice is given in writing. Employees must work the entire notice period in order to be paid out for PTO. Employees may not use PTO during the notice period unless it was previously scheduled and approved by the manager. Employees who fail to work through the notice period or who are terminated for cause will not be eligible for unused PTO pay out. Note: employees with less than one year of service who terminate or change to a PRN status will not be paid out PTO hours. 


What is COBRA?

COBRA continuation coverage is coverage under Texas Health’s medical, dental, and vision plans and the health care spending account. You will become a qualified beneficiary if your coverage ends because your employment ends for any reason other than your gross misconduct. You and/or your covered dependents may be eligible for COBRA continuation coverage. You must elect the same coverage when you initially elect COBRA.

How does it work?

After your benefit coverage ends, Texas Health will notify the COBRA Administrator. You will automatically receive a letter and election form from Texas Health’s COBRA administrator. The letter will explain the available COBRA coverage and cost to continue coverage. If you or your dependents elect to continue coverage, after the COBRA administrator receives your premium payment, the coverage becomes effective back to the date coverage would otherwise have ended.

COBRA Effective Dates

If you or your dependents elect to continue coverage, after the COBRA administrator receives your premium payment, the coverage becomes effective on the date coverage would otherwise end.  


To view the current COBRA rates, click here

COBRA Notice 

You will receive a COBRA notice from WageWorks (our COBRA vendor). To see a model of the election notice you will get, click here or here for español. To see a model of the COBRA General Election Notice, click here or  here for español.  For more information on COBRA, please review your Benefits Handbook.

Proof of Employment

For details about employment verification, click here

Rehiring with Texas Health

Texas Health has the resources to offer a variety of career growth opportunities with equally remarkable benefits, with the ability to move within the system. If you choose to come back to Texas Health, you may qualify for “bridging of service” for various benefits. More information about bridging of service can be found in the Benefits Handbook.  

Retiring Soon?

For more information about retiring from Texas Health, click here.