Cancer Screening


It is important to get regular cancer screenings because some types of cancers don’t have obvious symptoms in the early stages. Screening exams can help doctors find and treat some types of cancer early.

Can I participate?

Employees that have active medical coverage through Texas Health Resources and are within the recommended age range are eligible for one reward per screening each year.

How do I participate?

Visit your doctor.

What’s in it for me?


Earn a $25 reward for each type of cancer screening each calendar year. Claims are submitted automatically from your doctor to earn the reward.

Type of Cancer and Screening Exam Recommended First Exam Recommended Follow-Up Exams You Pay Under the Total Health Medical Plan

Reward Amount1

Colorectal Cancer – Colonoscopy Men and women starting at age 50 Every 10 years Covered at 100% one time per year2


Breast Cancer – Mammogram Women starting at age 40 Every year Covered at 100% one time per year2


1 You may earn only one reward each year for each type of cancer screening.

2 One well exam per year is covered in full if the claims administrator determines the physical is for preventive care. Additional screenings or services will be considered diagnostic services and will be covered after you pay the applicable copay or deductible and coinsurance. At the time of your preventive care visit, if other services are performed that are not preventive services, as determined by the claims administrator, they will not be paid at 100% even if they are submitted as part of a claim for preventive care.

If you are enrolled in medical coverage through Texas Health, you have a variety of programs and activities to choose from to earn UP TO $300 in Be Healthy rewards in 2021, in addition to the ability to earn up to $520 in wellness credits for 2022. 

Who do I contact with questions?

If you have any questions or problems regarding this program or the reward, please contact 1-877-MyTHRLink (1-877-698-4754) prompt 4, then 3. For general questions regarding the Be Healthy program, please contact