Be Healthy Breaks


Be Healthy Breaks are short workout videos you can use at work.  Add physical activity to your day, increase your heart-rate, improve blood circulation to your body and brain and lift your mood.

Can I participate?

All employees may use these videos.

How do I participate?

Click the links below to access the videos. You can do them at your desk, during a break from a long meeting, or even at a nurse’s station.

Watch this video… When you…
Cardio Stress Relief Need to relieve stress with physical activity (4:37)
Cardio Standing Want to increase your heart rate while standing (4:46)
Cardio Sitting Want to increase your heart rate while sitting (3:52)
Conference Room Have a break during a long meeting (7:44)
Core Strength Need to counteract the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day (9:16)
Nurses Station Stand for long periods of time (5:41)
Office Fitness Work at a computer for a long period of time (6:54)
Flexibility: Floor Need to relieve stress and have room to lie on the floor (7:26)
Flexibility Seated Need to relieve stress while sitting (10:23)
Relaxation & Yoga Need to relax (9:24)