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Be Healthy Wellness Program

Texas Health offers a variety of ways to support your journey to better well-being through our employee wellness program, Be Healthy. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to up your game, we’ve got something for you. And, you can even earn rewards along the way. 

How to Participate 

Step 1: Sign up for Virgin Pulse 

In this online and mobile wellness platform, you can complete activities to earn rewards, join or compete in challenges, set goals, track your progress and build healthy habits over time. Virgin Pulse is only accessible to employees with active medical coverage through Texas Health Resources and their enrolled spouses.

To join Virgin Pulse:

Employees and spouses can also join via the Virgin Pulse app. 

Step 2: Explore and participate in Be Healthy programs 

Each program has its own webpage with information on the program, details on how to participate, important deadlines and more. Click on a program below to learn more about it.

The goal of each program offered through Be Healthy is to support you along your health journey, but some programs can also earn rewards! Programs that are rewardable are noted with ($) below. See step 3 for more details.

Be Healthy Wellness Programs

Annual Wellness Exam ($) Be Healthy Breaks Blue Zones
Cancer Screenings ($) Diabetes Care Employee Assistance Program
Fitness Membership Headspace Healthy Pregnancy ($)
Nutrition Coaching Real Appeal Quit For Life
Virgin Pulse Activities ($) Wellness Credit Screening ($)  

Step 3: Earn Be Healthy Rewards 

If you’re enrolled in medical coverage with Texas Health, when you complete rewardable activities in the Be Healthy programs (noted above with $), you can earn a Be Healthy reward in the form of Virgin Pulse cash, which is redeemable for merchandise or gift cards.

You can participate in whichever programs and activities work best for your health (and schedule) to earn rewards the way you want to, up to $300 per calendar year. If your spouse is enrolled in medical coverage too, they can choose from programs and activities to earn up to $175 per calendar year.

Use this checklist to help you stay on track with earning rewards all year!

Step 4: Redeem Be Healthy Rewards 

Rewards you have earned for completing rewardable activities can be viewed in your Virgin Pulse account by selecting Home in the menu tabs and then Rewards. To redeem rewards, click on your Total Balance then shop in the store or select gift card(s). 

The annual exam, colonoscopy, mammogram and healthy pregnancy rewards take approximately eight weeks from the date completed to be processed and available in your account.

Be Healthy Success Stories

If you’ve used a Be Healthy program that’s helped you improve your well-being, please send your story to to be featured!

Additional Resources

Well-Being Resources

Outside of the Be Healthy program, Texas Health offers many benefits, programs and resources. There’s a lot to navigate, so check out the Well-Being Resources document to help guide you to the resources right for you.


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Reach out to us at if you have any questions about our Be Healthy programs or rewards.