August 2017 OE – Medical Plan Information

woman with tablet and dogMedical Plan Information

Choices, Choices, Choices
In addition to the current UHC medical plans, we are pleased to announce that a new medical plan with Texas Health Aetna will be available for you to pick. The medical plan through Texas Health Aetna will have a select, local network of providers and facilities and have a 1000 deductible.  Your 2018 medical plan options will be:

  • UHC Plan 500
  • UHC Plan 1000
  • Texas Health Aetna Select Plan 1000
  • UHC Plan 1500 Plus

In 2018, we are pleased to let you know that you can cover your step-child as a dependent without the requirement that your spouse be covered as well.


There will be a slight rate increase for the UHC medical plan rates in 2018.

Remember, if you have active medical coverage, you still have time to earn up to $520 in wellness credits to help offset the cost of medical premiums by meeting your Be Healthy Basics! But, time is running out, you must be screened before Sept. 30. Learn more about ways to get your screening or reasonable alternatives here.