August 2016: Reasonable Alternatives if You Didn’t Meet Your Metrics

appleinhandReasonable Alternatives if You Didn’t Meet Your Metrics

If your screening results are outside healthy ranges: You may complete three Rally missions (concurrently) on the Rally Rewards site. Each mission lasts 4-5 weeks and must be completed by Sept. 30, 2016, so don’t delay if you need to utilize this option! The link to Rally is available on

Missions are short term goals that will help you improve your health. From drinking enough water each day to getting plenty of sleep each night, Rally gives you Missions you can achieve. Some of the Missions might even surprise you, such as doing something creative each day, laughing or calling friends more often.

If you can’t complete a screening due to medical reasons (example: pregnancy) If you can’t complete the Be Healthy Basics for medical reasons or have a dispute, visit your physician to complete the Reasonable Alternative Action Form. The form must be completed by your physician and submitted by Sept. 30, 2016.