April 2019: Wellness Credit Screening

Take action now! Get your Wellness Credit Screening and lock in your $520 for 2020.

While the deadline isn’t until September 30th, 2019, getting your Wellness Credit Screening now will give you:

  • information on where you stand
  • enough time to get re-screened later, if needed
  • enough time to complete a reasonable alternative to make sure you earn your $520 for next year

STEP 1: Get your Wellness Credit Screening

Option 1: A Quest Lab

  • Schedule an appointment online at My.QuestforHealth.com at a location for a date and time that works for you.
    • If it’s your first time to register on the site, use registration code THR2019
  • Show up to your appointment to get your screening
  • That’s it! Your results are sent in electronically automatically.

Option 2: Your doctor’s office (needs to be in network on your medical insurance)

  • Make an appointment with your doctor that works best for your schedule
  • Before your visit, print a form from My.QuestforHealth.com
    • If it’s your first time to register on the site, use registration code THR2019
  • Take the form with you to your appointment and have your doctor complete it (be sure they sign and date it)
  • Follow the instructions listed on the form to submit it by September 30th

STEP 2: What to do if you didn’t meet the numbers

Option 1: Work on your numbers and get re-screened

  • Use the Be Healthy programs available to you to improve your numbers, and get re-screened before the September 30th deadline. We’ll take your best numbers.

Option 2: Complete a Reasonable Alternative

  • Complete a Reasonable Alternative before September 30th and earn the full $520. You have two options to do a reasonable alternative after you get your Wellness Credit Screening:
    1. Rally Missions: Go to your Rally dashboard and select three missions to complete. Plan ahead, though! Missions take 4-5 weeks to complete, so get started early. You can do three missions at the same time. Missions must be completed by Sept. 30, 2019.
    2. Physician Recommendation: if your physician wants you to participate in an alternative activity different from the Missions, a Reasonable Alternative Action Form must be signed by the physician and submitted with your agreement to complete the alternative activity. Ask your physician to fax the completed form to the number provided on the form. The form must be completed by your physician and submitted by Sept. 30, 2019.


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