April 2019: Happy National Walking Day

It’s April 3rd… Happy National Walking Day!

To celebrate, grab a friend and take a walk today! And why stop there? Check out these tips for moving naturally every day.

Live the Blue Zones way – find ways to move naturally every day!

  • Use a Blue Zones parking space if your location has them (if not, just park a little further away than you normally would) and walk briskly to work
  • Choose the stairs over the elevator (if possible)
  • Hold a walking meeting outside (if possible)
  • Visit your coworker for a face to face conversation
  • At lunch, walk for 10 minutes around where you work, indoors or outdoors
  • When it’s time to go home, walk briskly for 10 minutes back to your car
  • Take a family walk after dinner
  • Favorite show on tonight? Walk around during the commercials
  • Walk in place while brushing your teeth
  • Already meeting your step goal? Check out these Be Healthy break ideas

Check out the American Heart Association’s full article of ways to fit in walking when it works best for you.

Did you know you can now wear your athletic shoes to work (even if you work in a non-clinical area) as long as they complement your clothing and maintain a professional image? Be sure that your attire (including your shoes) fits in with the Personal Appearance and Professional Image Policy.